Useful Tips to Get the Best Truck Insurance

If you have a business in which you use trucks for various purposes, like making deliveries and transporting goods, one of the first things you should have is commercial truck insurance. A truck running on the road can be one of the costliest assets for you and your company. Buying insurance is easy with companies like Fast Truck Insurance where they offer you really fast truck insurance quotes. Here are tips to get the right insurance coverage for your truck.

Which Factors are Considered?

Providers of commercial truck insurance consider some major factors to determine the level of coverage. Firstly, the area where the truck driver will have to perform their day-to-day activities is considered. It is checked whether this area has an efficient infrastructure of roads, and good climate. Poor infrastructure and roads, and risky climates may incur higher premiums. Other factor is quantity of goods transported by the truck. The way you will carry the goods will also determine what type of cover you will need. Here are the types:

  • Carriage of own goods insurance: This will be needed in case of your personal goods
  • Haulage insurance: This will be needed if you are delivering goods of someone else
  • Social domestic and pleasure insurance: This will also be needed when goods are carried for personal use

Other factors considered are:

  • Age, value and condition of truck
  • Age, number and experience of your drivers
  • The ways you equip your vehicles and drivers
  • Your claims history
  • Types of goods


Every possible factor involved in the safety of the truck and driver is considered in a truck insurance policy. Usually the policy will list all probable situations that may occur while the truck is in operation. This will make it easy for you to determine which policy will be right for you.

Goods In Transit Insurance

Stolen, damaged or destroyed goods are covered under this type of insurance. It’s not required legally, but is advisable for anyone who carries someone else’s goods.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance too is recommended because it covers you and your business if there is an accident injuring a member of the public, an employee or a client.

Employer Liability: When you employ people, employment liability is important for your business because it not only covers accidents of employees but also their illnesses caused by working.

Public Liability: This provides you cover against claims made by a member/s of the public injured or suffering damage by your truck.

Take all these factors into consideration and choose the best possible insurance coverage for your truck because it is your important asset.

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