4 Things to Remember while Cleaning Tinted Car Windows

Many people think that window tinting is just for the sake of aesthetics. However, the fact is that they are great to protect you and your vehicle. Thus, keeping your tinted windows in top shape should be one of your essential car care routines. Let’s see what you can do for this.

Cleaning tinted car windows can be easily done with products found in your house. Remember that the film with which the car windows are tinted is typically installed on the inner side of the window; so, you can clean the outer side as usual.

1. Not to Clean too Soon

Once you get your car windows tinted from professionals like Parker Window Tinting, you should not make haste to clean them. Instead you should wait for a few days to a week before you clean them for the first time. This will offer adequate time for the adhesive to set itself properly over the glass and it won’t come unstuck or won’t crinkle when you’ll roll the windows down.

Parker Window Tinting

2. Protect

Remember to park your car in the shade, so that it will dry more slowly. This will prevent the liquid cleaning products from drying on the surface before you rinse them away and thus prevent streaks. Actually, cleaning windows should be the last thing on your to-do list during cleaning. Thus, make sure you wash the car’s body and tires first before starting to clean windows.

3. What will You Avoid?

While cleaning tinted car windows, you should beware of cleaning products that may damage the tint. Following are the products you should avoid:

Abrasive Equipment like Newspaper, Scourers and Paper Towels

These types of abrasive equipment can leave scratches on the tinted film; so, you should avoid them.

Products that Contain Ammonia

Ammonia can fade the color of the tint and also can make the film brittle, thus prone to get damaged.

Sharp Objects

Sometimes air bubbles may form between the window surface and the tint film, and you may be tempted to break them with a blade. This is quite risky, since the sharp blade can leave cuts in the tint.

4. Right Products

Once you know what products are wrong, it’s time now to know the right products. The good news is that it’s not that difficult, because most products free from ammonia are suitable for cleaning tinted car windows. You can even make your own cleaner by adding a few drops of baby soap to two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, take the mixture in an empty spray bottle and top it with distilled water, and use this to clean the tinted windows.

Take care of your beautiful and protective window tints with these tips and you’ll be proud of them.

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