3 Basic Types of Car Parking You Should Learn

New drivers have many difficulties regarding driving and stopping their car. One of the important among them is how to park the car safely. Understand that there are roughly 3 types of parking. Here are tips on how to park your car perfectly in each type.

1. Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is a nightmare to some drivers. However, it can be mastered with a bit of practice.

  • Several areas need parallel parking which is marked with a white line. For parallel parking, the spot must be longer than the car length by around 1-2m. The more, the better. Find parking spots at Parking Roissy where you can get discounted parking.
  • Drive backward till the head of your car is around 1-1.5m with the front car. Check the surroundings constantly to avoid hitting any incoming objects.
  • Then release the brake and turn the wheel to the right to drive slowly back in the parking slot.
Car Parking

2. Perpendicular Parking

This type of parking is not very difficult as you may think.

  • In perpendicular parking, you should keep the distance of at least 2.5m from other cars. This may change based on the position of the parking space; still, it’s necessary to keep the correct distance and not overtake others’ parking space.
  • Make sure there are no walkers, cyclists or other objects on your way to avoid risk. Next you must drive forward till your vehicle’s head is parallel with the rear combination lamp of the car on the side. Before the turn, signal other drivers.
  • Check the distance from other cars by adjusting mirrors and make sure your car is entirely inside the parking lot.
  • You can adjust the wheel right away or while driving out. But if you forget it, it can cause unintended impact or problem while driving backward.

3. Angle Parking

Every driver should know how to do angle parking, as it is very convenient to you and to others.

  • If you are a new driver and/or have a new car, your parking spot should be clear with no cars around. This will lessen your risk to get distracted.
  • Next analyze your car position and remember to keep a distance of around 1.5 to 2 meters from other cars. If there are no cars around, keep the same distance from the last point of the line in the spot.
  • Turn the light signal on.
  • When you reach a suitable point, turn your steering wheel half its rotation and drive your vehicle slowly till it reaches the final line.
  • You should adjust the wheels to be parallel to the car body so as to drive out of the lot easily.

Practice all these parking types and you’ll slowly master them. All the best!

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