5 Essential Tips for the Maintenance of European Cars

Any aspiring car owner looks for luxury and performance in his car and any European-made car such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi offers both. But when it comes to European-made cars, they require proper maintenance than any other vehicles to avoid the onset of any problem. Here are a few tips for such proper maintenance of these wonderful machines.

1. Replacement of Transmission Pan Gasket

The most important thing required for maintaining transmission during the European car maintenance is to replace the pan gasket. Over time this gasket can wear out and get cracks due to which the transmission fluid may leak. This further results into improper shifting of the car which in turn can cause mechanical problems. If the current pan gasket of your car is reusable, damage-free and high-quality, you can perhaps clean it off and place it back; but if that’s not the case, it’s quite inexpensive to replace it that can eliminate any issues for years to come.

2. Routine Cleaning of Transmission

Just like other areas of your car, your transmission also can face problems due to build-up of dirt, fluid and grime. Any transmission servicing done to your car must include removal and cleaning up of sludge and dirt on transmission. This must include gasket, pan, transmission case, sealing surface and any surplus fluid that drips onto the exhaust.

3. Protecting Engine from Overheating

When your engine burns fuel it generates a lot of internal heat; so, there is a cooling system in place to keep the engine cool. It keeps antifreeze moving from the engine to the radiator. However, if the cooling system faces any problem, the engine will overheat. This can cause some very serious harm to the engine. Hence make sure you always check your car for leaks. Coolant leakage is the most common cause for overheating of engine; so, regularly check your coolant levels and if there are any leaks, get them repaired from professionals before any overheating may occur.

4. Replacing Transmission Filter

You must replace the transmission filter and seal regularly because clogged filters cause undue stress and wear on your transmission. This is a task that may be easily forgotten so, you should be sure to replace this part when the transmission pan is off.

5. Checking Transmission Fluid

Most transmission fluid is lost and should be replaced. So, don’t forget to fill it as per the manufacturer’s guidelines up to the factory recommended levels. Also, like engine oil, transmission fluid can become dirty and debris may enter it over time badly affecting your car’s performance; so, it’s recommended to change the fluid regularly.

Take care of your precious possession with these tips and you can expect the luxury and performance from it for years.

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