3 Great Tips for the Maintenance of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Nowadays there are several different golf carts that are used for everything else other than golf. However, the batteries of these cute-looking vehicles require some preventative maintenance to keep them working without hassle. Here are top maintenance tips for your golf cart batteries.

1. Watering Batteries

The most prominent reason when a golf cart doesn’t work well is that the golf cart batteries are not charged and the absence of flooded lead acid deep cycle marine battery is watered with distilled water.

While watering the batteries, remember to not fill the batteries excessively. You should fill up to just below the cap. Typically there is a ring to mark where to fill up to. Importantly you should fill the water over the plates seen in the cell. Each cell should be filled. A battery filler can do this job perfectly. A battery filling system is also a great tool. It enables single fill of all the batteries just by placing a water bottle into one hose. All the batteries are quickly filled with this and without much effort.

2. Charge the Cart First

If the water levels are above the plates, charge the cart first always and then add the water. If the water level is below, pour sufficient water to cover the plates. If you overfill the batteries while charging them, the water-acid mixture will boil over and the acid will come over on the terminals and on the floor. This ruins your batteries and shortens their life.

If accidentally this happens, you should buy a battery terminal cleaner. You just have to spray it and the corrosion will melt away. The acid on the floor can be washed off just with water and soap. If the mixture drops on your clothes, wash them off immediately or they will have holes in them.

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3. Charging the Battery

Charge your golf cart batteries every day. The batteries will last much longer if you use their top half and then over discharge the batteries daily. Batteries have no memory and hence you can do partial state of charges and prolong the cycles. Remember to use a heavy duty 15amp charging cord. If a lightweight extension cord is used, there can be heat resistance and ultimately fire.

Don’t fail to keep the battery terminals clean to get the best performance from your cart. While charging the cart, lift the seat up to facilitate ventilation. While charging flooded batteries, hydrogen gas is created which is inflammable when accumulated under the seat.

Another good solution is buying a solar panel that will keep the flow of charge to the batteries and they don’t over discharge and the risk of batteries going dead is eliminated.

With these tips, you can keep your golf cart always in the best shape and enjoy your activities.

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