6 Main Reasons of Why Your Car Stops Running Suddenly

Since a car is made up of several complex moving parts, there are many reasons of why it can fail. But when your car fails while you’re driving it, it’s one of the scariest things. Losing power suddenly in your car can be anytime terrifying, whether your speed is 25 mph at a roundabout or 85 mph on a highway. Here are some of the main reasons why your car may stop abruptly so that you can avoid them on time.

car becomes defective

1. Fuel Problems

Your car cannot run without fuel. Having no fuel makes the engine stop. Sometimes this may happen due to a broken fuel pump or a stuck fuel gauge (this doesn’t give you an alert that the fuel is about to finish). A fuel line can also cause a problem even in very cold weather.

2. Stoppage of Ignition Switch

If the ignition switch wears down, a loss of power to the engine can be caused due to vibration such as hitting a bump on the road. Due to the loss of power, the vehicle’s engine may die during driving.

3. Electricity

Your car is started by your battery. All your car’s electronics (doors, windows, spark plugs) is also started by the battery when the engine is idling. Power is generated by the alternator from the engine to make the electric parts of the car work. If your alternator fails during driving, your car may just stop and be stuck; however, a bad battery can also cause problems even at low speeds.

4. Spark Plugs

The function of spark plugs in a gasoline car is to light the gas on fire to generate the combustion required to drive the engine. If something meddles with the spark plugs while they are doing their job, that can make your vehicle stop. This can be caused by issues with the plug, plug wire, rotors, distributor, crankshaft, ECU or a camshaft sensor.

5. Breakage of Sensors

Modern vehicles have computers. If the sensors of these computers transmit wrong information, the car can come to a stop.

6. Breakage of Timing Belt

One of the most common reasons that can bring a vehicle to a stop during driving is a problem with your timing chain or timing belt. Because of this, your engine cylinders don’t get the right timing to run.

To avoid sudden stoppage of your car, check all the parts regularly from an expert mechanic. Also while buying a used car, get the parts checked for wear and tear. This will save you from a lot of headache and make you proud of your car.

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