6 Useful Tips to Make Your Car Purchase Pleasurable

Buying the first car is certainly a milestone in your life. But unless you are careful, it can be a distressing experience for you. Here are some useful tips to make sure that the car purchase is a pleasurable experience.

1. Maintain Finance

When you’ve other debts, buying a car can still add to the burden. An additional car loan can be hard on your monthly income and savings. Hence consider purchasing a car only after repaying your previous loans. This will save you from a lot of mental stress.

Pleasurable Car Purchase

2. Avoid an Impulsive Purchase

Just because you loved the looks of a car, you should not buy that car on an impulse. A car demands a significant investment. Therefore learning about cars is a good idea. Extensive research before purchasing a car will be helpful to avoid any regrets in the future. Study various car makes and models in the market and all the financing options. A car bought that thoughtfully will be enjoyable for you for many years without becoming a headache.

3. Get a Used Car Checked from an Expert

If you are planning to buy a used car, don’t buy it unless you get it examined thoroughly from a professional mechanic. This will alert you of any potential issues beforehand. This will also serve you as leverage during the negotiation of the car’s price.

4. Don’t Buy an Extended Warranty

Extended warranties provided by dealers are usually costly and offer minimum coverage. Whether it’s a new or used car, these warranties even don’t cover mechanical breakdowns. While buying a new car, make sure its manufacturer’s warranty covers most of the damage costs. If you are purchasing a used car, make sure its manufacturer’s warranty is still active.

5. Keep Away from Buying Add-ons

As salespersons earn commissions on the sales price, it’s quite likely that they may try to rope you in buying add-ons to increase the price. By avoiding the add-ons such as rear camera, rust proofing, dealership maintenance or heated seats, you can minimize additional costs. Even a GPS unit is available online at a much cheaper cost than the expensive built-in system.

6. Factor the Auto Insurance Premiums in the Total Price

Insurance costs hugely impact the total car price. It’s therefore important to consider it together with the car’s price while buying. There are several cars which have a high premium amount because of several reasons. E.g. Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Honda Accord are more prone to theft due to their higher resale value. Therefore their insurance cost also might be higher.

So, are you now feeling more informed and comfortable for buying your first car?

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