What happens when I get into an auto accident?

When a car is involved in an accident, the vehicle’s supplemental restraint system helps protect the driver and passenger(s). The SRS consists of several components including airbags, seat belts, sensors, and modules. They work together to determine what needs to occur to safely secure the individual from unnecessary harm.

It is important for the airbags to work properly and deploy if necessary as this is critical in preventing any serious damage to the driver and/or passenger(s). If the accident is serious enough, the airbags get deployed, otherwise they are not needed. If you are in a small accident, barely making a dent, the airbag deploying would be unnecessary and a waste of an airbag. You would need to get your airbag module reset and new airbags installed.

Similarly to the airbags, the seat belt tensioners serve to protect those in the vehicle. Not only do they make sure the individual is seated properly in the seat they also prevent major damage during an accident. When an accident occurs, the seat belt tensioners go off. An explosive charge causes the piston to wrap the spool around, tightening the fabric. This reels back any slack in the seat belt, so when the impact occurs, the individual does not experience it at full force. This would be a good time to get a seat belt tensioner repair.

Seat belt tensioner repair

There may be times when an accident causes the seatbelt tensioner to go off, but not for the airbags to deploy. This is okay. If you do notice that the airbag light is on, do make sure that you get it checked to make sure the airbag is working properly and will go off in case of a major accident.

After an accident, make sure to restore and or replace all necessary parts and reset anything needed. Safety Restore offers air bag module resets, and seat belt tensioner repair and replacement. Simply select the service, send in your item. Safety Restore will repair and ship back your item within 24 hours. Visit SafetyRestore.com to learn more on these and other services.

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