Things to Do Before Scraping Your Old Vehicle

Is it time to say goodbye to your dysfunctional old car? It’s a sad moment, I know, but still you need to get rid of it eventually. If you’ve considered scraping your vehicle, you might be confused about the right way to do so.Yes, you’ve found out how to scrap car in Singapore, Australia or Germany, but you’re not sure about things you need to do before junking your vehicle for good. Luckily, I’m here to help you with some useful tips!

Make sure you’ve removed all your personal belongings. Most of the things we leave (and forget) in our vehicles are simply “junk”, but sometimes important items might end there unnoticed. I know leaving things you don’t want anymore is rather tempting, but it’s simply not recommended. First of all, a junk vehicle isn’t a dumpster and, second, there’s a chance you would overlook some documents with too much personal info or worse.

Return license plates and make sure you’ve cancelled the vehicle insurance. Although there’s a way to get rid of your vehicle with no title, it’s more difficult that way. When transferring ownership of the vehicle to the chosen junkyard, you should have valid picture ID if you want the transaction to be done legally. Check out the local authorities about the regulations regarding selling old cars to scrap- or junkyards.

Is there any part of your car that’s good for selling? Once you make a deal with a scrap- and/or junkyard, you need to turn your car over to them in the condition you’ve specified when agreeing on the price. Nevertheless, sometimes you can remove a few valuable components from your vehicle to get extra money for it. Are your tires expensive and in a good condition? Swap them for cheap, balding tires. Recycling services are willing to pay for the lead inside the car’s battery too.

Finally, don’t leave gasoline in your car. Scrap yards drain vehicles before the scrapping process, so for them, gasoline left in your car’s tank is simply a nuisance. For you, however, it might not be. Of course, do this carefully and according to the manuals.

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