VIN Decoder – A Great Tool to Trace a Car’s History

A car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) number is a way to know its history. You can compare it with a human DNA. Just as we can tell how a person may look or behave by checking her/his DNA, we can know about the car by checking its VIN. VIN contains a series of numbers which indicate the make, model, manufacturing plant and year of manufacture.

Why is VIN Important?

VIN is important because it helps us to trace the origin of the car with the help of a VIN decoder. It provides the proof of ownership. It also helps manufacturers to track issues and recall notices. A VIN number is especially useful for a consumer planning to buy a used car.

When it’s about tracking information of your future car purchase, the digital era certainly has its benefits. For the past 15 years, several companies have been connected to the online community with a purpose of offering more buying power to the consumer while planning to buy a used car. These companies are able to formulate “reports” for almost any car on the road. As the VIN of every car is unique, these companies can use it to establish and track the history of every car. A report typically contains:

  • The number of owners the car has been titled to
  • Whether the car has met with an accident
  • Whether the car has undergone any major repairs
  • Dates of earlier inspections and/or emission tests
  • Dates of servicing
  • Approximate mileage listings

How is this report useful for a consumer? Every buyer wishes to have a reliable car which will take her/him from point A to point B without any hassle. Knowing the history of a car before buying gives the buyer an insight about how well the car will serve them in the future. For example, if the car has met a major accident, a buyer may think twice before purchasing it, whereas if the car’s report is ‘clean’ without any major accident and the scheduled maintenance completed, the buyer would be more in favor of buying that specific car.

Although the free car history reports through the VIN decoder are a great asset to a buyer, it doesn’t provide the last solution to select your next car. Sometimes incidents are not revealed or reported incorrectly to preserve the value of the car in association with the car history report. So, it’s highly recommended for the consumers to look out for signs of neglect or abuse by giving the vehicle an in-person evaluation before buying it. In addition, not all shops will record and report servicing done to every car. Thus, if you don’t see any maintenance records in a car’s history report, inquire with the seller if they can access maintenance reports to check if the car has been maintained properly.

Visit, a universal VIN decoder. Enter the VIN number of the vehicle you want to know the history of and you will get all the detailed information. Don’t forget to use this extremely useful tool before buying your next car.

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