Choosing a Radar Detector

Many drivers consider investing in a radar detector because it can give them the freedom to drive with confidence and to relax. Best radar detectors that are available nowadays combine simple design with modern technology, including smartphone integration and GPS. These devices can offer drivers convenient, affordable protection from many driving hazards, although their main purpose is to help you avoid speeding tickets. 

When choosing radar detector for your vehicle, there are some features you should take in consideration. In general, there are 3 types of radar detectors: remote-mount, cordless or corded. The best range of detection is provided by corded radar detectors, but they need to be mounted on the windshield via suction cups. A cordless radar detector provides a cleaner installation and it can be easily transported between vehicles. Finally, remote-mount detectors provide a clean, virtually undetectable installation and they are permanently mounted on a vehicle.

City Mode feature is helpful for urban driving, since it reduces the sensitivity or range in order to send fewer false alerts from, for example, door openers and other signal sources that are similar to radar guns. When it comes to laser detection, keep in mind that the more reliable they are, the higher their price is. While a detector with one laser sensor only detects laser beams in front of you, 360-degree detection uses two sensors to notice laser pulses behind you and off the sides, too.

Spectre or VG-2 protection features come with more expensive detectors, and they can operate without being discovered. This is especially important because police are using RDDs (radar detector detectors) from time to time and that’s why some of the best radar detector models offer invisible or stealth protection. While the letter warns a driver and then shuts down the detector, invisible protection may shield you from VG-2 and Spectre technologies continuously.

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