Tips for Musicians – Should You Consider a Minivan or Minibus Rental

If you have a band and you’re hitting the road every once in a while for tours of various length, you know that a road trip is a lot of fun, but it can be costly, too. Constantly eating out, petrol/gas prices and accommodation costs are just some of the things that can make your touring so expensive, especially if you are not making money at every gig. Therefore, you might be indecisive whether you should rent a minivan or minibus for transporting your band and gear or you should take multiple cars. I’ll try to help you decide what is the best for your situation.

van 5First, you need to ask yourself several questions. How many band members (plus managers) are traveling? If, for example, are an acoustic duo and you don’t have a manager, you’re probably not even considering to rent a minivan or minibus right? But, if you have a four-members hard-rock band and a manager, then a 15-passanger van is the smallest vehicle you should even think about. So, figuring out what van size your band needs is the first step you should take. Keep in mind all the travelers, every piece of equipment and, of course, clothes and personal baggage.

How far are you usually playing? If you have gigs only a couple hours from your home town, renting a minivan or minibus isn’t really necessary; of course, if you’re not a 10-members orchestra. If you’ve taken all the vehicles (for example, 2 cars) and fuel costs into account and it appears that driving yourselves works out to be more effective than renting a minivan, well, don’t rent it. Always consider parking costs, too.

van 1So, for a one-off show in a nearby town, it usually doesn’t make sense to rent a minibus or minivan. But, if you are planning, for example, a 2-weeks tour, a spacious vehicle is the perfect choice! Why? First of all, only one person at a time will have to drive. Also, as a band, you’ll spend more time together, have band meetings and plan your upcoming gigs; once you arrive to the desired destination, you’ll be prepared to rock out and entertain your audience.

van 4With all that on your mind, you’ll be able to estimate what kind of transportation makes more sense for you. Of course, if show organizers agree to pay for the costs of your transportation, you should undoubtedly rent a van, no matter if you need it badly or not. If you’ve decided to rent a minivan or minibus, it’s important to find the right service to rent your vehicle from. It’s crucial to use a rental company that will understand your needs and the situations you can find yourself in while touring. Take a look at, a company specialized in self-drive multi-passenger car/van rentals; with them you’ll probably get the best prices on minivan or minibus hire.

van 2Finally, if you’re constantly touring and you plan to spend more more than 6 months on the road, not only will you need a more spacious vehicle, but it would be wiser to purchase it. Having your own minivan or minibus means total freedom; it belongs to you and you can go wherever and whenever you want! Nevertheless, for a few 2-weeks tours a year, renting is still a better solution. So, take a look at each option: multiple cars, buying or renting a minivan or minibus, take all costs into calculations and you’ll undoubtedly be able to determine what’s the best option for your band. Whatever you decide, I wish you amazing tours!

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