Showroom-like Shine for Your Car with Groundbreaking Technology

Your car is your most beloved possession! I can understand it, because I am in the same boat. If anything happens to it, you are totally upset; so, how can you bear a scratch (or scratches) on it? So, what do you do for those nasty scratches? You might be using wax? Here I will share a secret with you – there is a remedy for the scratches and stains and all the other problems – Never Wax Your Car Again! Here is the NASA technology proven in the aerospace industry, which eliminates the need of waxing forever and keeps your car shining clean!

What does 5 Star Shine Do?

5 Star Shine has been created with a unique PPS technology which has taken more than a decade to build up and patent. Actually, this is the only paint protection system which has been awarded a US patent and has been tested to cope up with more than 150 washings. It is used even by the US Navy!

Is 5 Star Shine a Wax?

No, 5 Star Shine is not a wax, and also it cannot be compared to wax. Waxes are infamous about not providing a long term protection to your car because of their tendency to break down quickly upon exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Also, they become sticky in the heat of the sun and eventually attract dust and dirt and hold them; this is the reason why freshly waxed cars soon look dirty.

Then What is it?

5 Star Shine can be compared only to the high quality paint protection systems that are offered by new car dealers. The patented formula is sold under another brand name at several dealerships across the world and is priced anywhere between $500 and $1500. Therefore, to offer their customers a DIY product which they can comfortably afford, 5 Star Shine have created their own brand named 5 Star Shine for a fraction of the cost. This is the only product which offers a guaranteed protection to the paint of your car for up to 5 years.

Groundbreaking Technology

The groundbreaking technology used in 5 Star Shine is “Electrophoresis Dynamics” because of which the PPS formula of 5 Star Shine is magnetically attracted into the paint and when joined together, the polarization forms a super strong between the two surfaces, thus making it extremely tough to separate them.

Here are the outstanding features of 5 Star Shine:

  • Amazing “Showroom”-like shine no matter whether your car is new or used!
  • Makes your car look absolutely clean
  • Best protection to your car for 5 long years as compared to the few week protection offered by wax
  • Extremely easy application so that anyone can do it
  • No-risk money back guarantee

In short, 5 Star Shine has arrived to offer you a great peace of mind and a dazzling new shine to your car, always!

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