Get all Your Car Expenses at Your Fingertips

Have you found lately that your car is being quite expensive in terms of servicing charges? Or do you just want to know how much you spend on your car per month? Are you willing to know about the expenditure because you want to find a more economical car if your current one is snatching more bucks out of your pocket? You can now find and track all the expenses on your car with a wonderful app named CarExpenses. With this app you can track all your vehicle-related expenses like repairs, maintenance, refuels and more, with just a few taps or clicks. While the app is still in beta all registered users can add up to 3 active vehicles for free forever.Let me tell you more about what you can do to make the most of this easy-to-use yet extremely useful app.


On the Dashboard page of CarExpenses, you can find the record of typical servicing procedure charges, like refueling, car wash, parking and travel, in addition to your model name and mileage. You can get a record of the current month, average per month and total. So, you can easily find out if your car is hard or easy on your pocket. And you can consider buying another car. Of course, if your car is expensive, it’s not always your car’s fault. It also depends on your travel (maybe a long distance travel on weekends) and parking charges. So, you can also take that into consideration while evaluating the expenses, vis-à-vis calculating an overall expense of the car and thinking that the car maintenance is expensive. Dividing the expenditure in this way is more of an eye opener for you and you can better judge what you should do to reduce the costs. And you are getting the segregation ready; you don’t have to sit with a pen and paper, and scratch your head to recollect when and where you had last gone and how much distance the car traveled etc. You can enter the figures then and there itself in the columns and you will get the calculation per month, or whenever you want. It’s so easy!


In the Cars, you can keep a record of all the cars you have in case of multiple cars. So, you don’t have to worry if you have more than one car, maybe used by different members in the family. Everyone can enter the figures from time to time for her/his own car or you can enter for them.


The Refuels page is a neat record giving you Date and Time, Odometer, Trip Meter, Volume, Total Price and Company Name. At the bottom of each column, you get the totals too wherever necessary. So, you have the entire record at your fingertips. You can get any record, even the older ones, anytime. The entire history of expenses is stored in the app for your convenience.

A unique feature of CarExpenses is that if you  travel to another country, the  app can use just the currency you require for payment  and then again home currency, for example, 10 USD => 12.99 CAD. Also it uses metric/imperial unit for refuels – a feature which is not present at most car expenses apps.

car expenses refuels


The Expenses page is another source to get your expenses recorded where you can mention what kind of expense was done to your car on what date and time, and odometer record. Here the kind of expense is to be entered manually and you get the total price. So, if your car has undergone any expense that is not present in the Dashboard page like payment for license plate, filter change, insurance premium, tolls, technical inspection, emissions inspection, refilling additives, or any other unplanned expenses, you can record it here for your later evaluation.


At the Checkpoints page you can have the entries of on which date and time you underwent checking, an accident or any such event, at which location, the odometer record, if there was any payment or any other point you want to mention in the form of a short note and comment and fuel tank record. You can also create checkpoints to calibrate mileage counter for reports. For example, you can create checkpoints at the first and last days of each month or year, when was car’s 100,000 mile, etc.


The Travels page is indeed very useful, obviously because it gives you an idea about long distance travels outside your town and even the regular ones to your workplace, shopping etc. Here you can keep the record of the Purpose of your travel, Destination, Date and Time, Odometer, and a short note and other comments. Upon finishing the travel, you should add one more travel point, i.e. the end point. This will enable you to calculate the distance you drove while traveling. So, now you can also maintain the record of your weekend and other travels and can judge the expenses and maintenance for each destination.

The travels page is good for entrepreneurs too who need to claim tax return on car expenses (business trips). Tags will help to track business and not business trips/expenses/refuels.



The Reports page is a great facility of getting all the expense of your car for a particular month and year of any of your vehicles. This includes Refuels Costs, Expenses Costs, Cost Per Kilometer, Mileage, Fuel Volume, Consumption and Total Costs. You can also find per day average. What’s more, you can also get expenses by categories like Planned Expenses and Maintenance Expenses, Expenses by Kinds like Engine Oil and Filter Change, Planned Replacement of a Part/Parts, Parking and so on. You can also have the reports printed for your record. Imagine how useful they will be for your car inspection, insurance, license plate procedures or any other legal procedure! You have a readymade record of everything without having to do much effort. You just have to enter the figures from time to time, and you can enjoy the desired comfort and freedom from stress when a time comes when all these numbers are required.


Here are the main features of CarExpenses app summarized:

  • Track refuels to better understand not only how much you spend on fuel but also to know what is your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and how it changes over time
  • Track maintenance and other expenses
  • Get reminders on services you need to do to keep your vehicle healthy
  • Create checkpoints to track car related events or to have more accurate mileage by months/weeks/years
  • Log trips when using your vehicle for business, or if you travel a lot
  • Share your car with other users and allow them to create records when they use your vehicle
  • Easy transfer of your vehicle maintenance records to new owner of the vehicle
  • Use imperial or metric units and different currencies in cases you travel between countries
  • View reports to better understand your vehicle performance
  • Import and export of data

The Car Expenses works from desktop browser as well as from mobile devices. The web application only requires internet connection to work.

CarExpenses app is useful for those who use their vehicle for personal as well as for business purposes. They can track all their business trips and see the report.

Don’t you think CarExpenses can make your life a lot easier? So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy the comfort!


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