5 Exclusive Benefits of a Hybrid Car

A hybrid car has several benefits. The most remarkable amongst them are the benefits to environment in form of lessened emissions and reduced fuel consumption in comparison with the traditional gasoline-engine cars. However, apart from the environmental benefits, there are a lot of financial as well as performance benefits you can enjoy with a hybrid car rental or purchase.

1. Reduced Expenses on Fuel

This is the most obvious benefit of a hybrid car. It is more significantly seen during a long journey. And also, you will see an amazing reduction in the monthly fuel bill, thanks to the competence associated to steady-state cruising. Even in bumper-to-bumper traffic, a hybrid car is an efficient tool where the capability to run on battery at low speeds becomes a remarkable asset.

2. Instantaneous Torque

You have certainly paid attention to the figures of horsepower and torque of some hybrid cars and noticed the pleasant driving experience they offer against their relatively low output. The secret of this is the fact that maximum torque is instantaneously delivered by electric motors. This means that you need not wait for the motor to rev up or spool – everything of its lb-ft is available once the accelerator is smashed to the floor. This is an exclusive quality of hybrid cars that enable them to keep up.

3. No Idling

You have seen the signs of “no-idling” zone across the city, which is for a reason; idling a car is not just a waste of fuel, but also is a main contributor to pollution and smog. Hybrid cars have a plus point here too because of the fact that they don’t ever idle their gasoline motors, most of the times. Once a hybrid car is stopped, the internal combustion motor is promptly shut down and thus preserves fuel and stops emissions. The battery pack of the car takes over, powering the climate systems, seat heaters and radio, till the vehicle starts once again to move at a fast speed enough to need the ignition of the gasoline engine. So, for hybrid-owners, it’s a win-win situation because of less pollution and more performance.

4. Learning to Drive More Frugally

Let’s face it, due to over-acquaintance with car-driving we all have developed habits that use more fuel than actually needed. Hybrid cars are available with a “driving tutor” system, which rewards driver for planning their braking instead of just mashing the gas at every spotlight and being easy on the throttle.

5. Increased Resale Value

While shopping a hybrid car, you may notice that a used hybrid car holds its value better than a gas-only car of the same age. There are some reasons for this. Hybrid cars are more rare than their gas-only counterparts and are sold in smaller numbers. They also feature equipment of higher standard than the gasoline-only cars. This also adds up to their value.

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