Create Ford Mustang with Eleanor Look On Your Own and Enjoy the Ride

The Ford Mustang has got the honor to be present on the silver screen a lot of times throughout its fifty years, winning the hearts of viewers in Charlie’s Angels, Bullitt, Godfinger, and newer movies such as Need for Speed, I Am Legend and War of the Worlds. However, in 2000, Mustang gave the world another taste that it wasn’t going to forget easily. This was the 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor Mustang, which made its stunning presence in the blockbuster Gone in 60 Seconds remake. Nicholas Cage would snatch this last car in the movie, and it was seemingly the most gorgeous. It’s easy to understand that it was a vehicle, that the fans of the film and Mustang alike would love to own, although knowing that only 11 originals were created (and three were shown in the film with the cast) and it’s not an easy vehicle to catch hold of.

Fortunately you can create your own and save a sizeable amount, still getting the Eleanore look on modern mustang.

While lining up as well as addressing the fit of the bumpers and side skirts, jack stands may be useful. Don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s manual as some unnoticed fiberglass lips and bevels may be required to fit parts later. It’s also essential to remember that after you finish everything, your Eleanor will have to be painted. Make sure to consider that cost in your entire construction.

Before starting the process, it’s advisable to get acquainted with the Mustang and Eleanor online community because they offer loads of information on these two cars. Thus if you face a problem, there is a strong possibility that someone there too has faced it before and has a solution for you. Or at least you can get a suggestion.

If you are finding it too daunting, there is also the good news – getting inspired by the 2000 film, Gone in 60 Seconds, several Mustang fans have already started and finished building an Eleanor Mustang, which in other words means that at any given time, there are normally a significant number of Eleanor Mustangs making their presence in the online automobile classifieds.

Of course, building your own is a great fun; but for those not wanting another project, may find it attractive to own a sleek-looking Eleanor Mustang with just a few clicks. However, just take due precautions. These are typically custom cars built by someone you don’t know.

More about Ford Mustang Eleanor in Gone in 60 Seconds

This 1967 Ford Mustang is the 7th among the 11 Eleanor versions created by Cinema Vehicle Services in North Hollywood, California, for the 2000 remake of the original 1974 classic “Gone in 60 Seconds”. It is one of the only three used in the movie involving the cast of the film, including Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Giovanni Ribisi, and features the now-renowned design elements originally conceptualized by the famous hot rod designer Steve Stanford.

The open front grille was filled with horizontal bars and this was repeated down in the front valence, also fitted with twin driving lights and trim tabs, the former reminiscent of the 1967 Shelby. The Shelby influence also occurs in the dual racing stripes, the prominent hood bulge, quick-fill fuel tank filler cap, Thunderbird-style tail lights, upper and lower side scoops and integrated rear spoiler.

The Eleanor styling also featured side exhaust and bold fender flares (Cinema Vehicle Services added the former after filming was complete), distinctive two-tone Silver and Charcoal paint and Halibrand-style Schmidt 17-inch wheels.

Moreover, Total Control front reinforcement braces and a Fluidyne Racing Products aluminum radiator too were added for higher performance.

Further the car is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, Auto Meter Sport Comp tachometer and a Lecarra steering wheel. Designated as car number 7 in the series by CVS, this trend-setting film star vehicle is available with a letter of authenticity from Ray Claridge, the founder and president of Cinema Vehicle Services.

Some of the salient features of the car are:

  • Star car from the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds
  • 1 of the only 11 original Eleanor cars created by Cinema Vehicle Services
  • 1 of the only 3 cars shown in the film
  • Has a letter of authenticity from Ray Claridge
  • A timeless iconic design by Steve Stanford
  • 4-speed transmission
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Schmidt 17” wheels

So, try to build the replica of this superb car and enjoy the ride!

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