The Dark Side of Supercar Industry

Back in the 1966, when Lamborghini created the first supercar and since then, the genre has become known for iconic and most memorable vehicles ever made. But, the allure of exotic, shiny steel has its dark side, too. For every Lamborghini, Ferari or McLaren (check out this car blog for the new information on McLaren’s new series of supercar) there are dozens rather failed ventures. Since we know that even Lamborghini had suffered more than its share of financial turmoil before 1998 when it came under Audi-ownership, can we really say that everything is just as bright in the supercar industry?Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO was recently asked by Business Insider about several subjects including challenges that supercar makers inevitably face, especially when it comes to start-up companies. According to Winkelmann, if start up companies have a partner in the car industry, they might have a chance to survive in this incredibly difficult market segment. As we already know, Lamborghini is the part of VolksWagen group’s Audi subsidiary, whereas Ferrari has spent most years under the Fiat corporate umbrella. If super-famous car makers cannot succeed on their own, how a small start up company could?

If, however, you still want to enter this supercar business, there are thing you should accept as a newcomer. Either you or your investors need to be ready and willing to make a large initial and highly uncertain investment. Also, it’s crucial to understand that an early fail is very likely to occur. And, of course, any small start up company has to accept the supercar market volatility.

In supercar industry, a car maker has to recognize the “dream car” and to create it. If, however, at the moment the one you’ve created is not the right one, nobody will buy it and you’re likely to lose everything you’ve got. Sad but true and quite difficult to deal with!

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