3 Signs Your Windshield Needs Replacement

Every piece of the vehicle is of some importance, but without windshields, it would be incredibly dangerous to drive. They protect a driver and other passengers from rain, snow, wind, rocks, bugs and other flying debris that could enter your vehicle. Playing around with a broken windshield can seriously compromise your safety, as well as the well-being of others in your car. When is the time for a new windshield? Would a basic repair be enough? Keep on reading to find out?

Since we’ve read several wonderful reviews regarding windshield replacement in Phoenix from Aero Auto Gas, we’ve asked experts in this company to share their knowledge with us. Here are 3 major indications your beloved car weeps for a new windshield. In case your vehicle’s windshield shows any of these signs, you should look for a reputable company and get it replaced.

1. Your windshield has visible chips, scratches or cracks

When you drive, it is crucial to be able to see well. Your ability to see can be impaired by even the tiniest chips, scratches and cracks, especially when there’s only a second to notice something and to react to it. Those minor imperfections could cause a driver to pause.

Anything that can distort what you see makes you waste a second thinking whether you’ve seen something or not. Usually, this second means nothing. Nevertheless, when driving a car, it can make a difference between avoiding and having an accident. Playing around with impaired visibility isn’t, therefore, recommended. Actually, according to statistics, its role in fatal crashes is quite big.

However, if there’s only a tiny chip or scratch, you probably don’t need to replace a windshield, but to repair it. These mini imperfections are usually easy to fix up. For this reason, don’t delay repairing them. Any blemish left unfixed too long could lead to a rather serious issue. Your windshield could end up completely shattered, for instance, if something hits it at the right spot.

Cracks, on the other hand, represent even greater danger. The bigger the crack, the sooner the windshield could get broken. Additionally, cracks can really impair your ability to see. For a crack smaller than approximately 3″, there’s a chance a simple repair would do the trick. With anything bigger than that, you could hardly get away without having your windshield replaced. In any case, we recommend asking professionals, such as the experts from Aero Auto Glass in Phoenix, Arizona, for an advice on it.

Whatever the blemish, you should get it fixed NOW.

2. A car inspection is coming up

To avoid failing the vehicle inspection, make sure you’ve fixed all the chips and scratches, no matter how small they are. Thus, it’s highly recommended to take a look at the windshield beforehand. If you find some irregularity, you’ll need to fix it anyway, but without doing the vehicle inspection twice.

3. The winter has changed your car’s windshield

Let’s face it, for any windshield, winter is not the happiest season. Ice, snow, cold weather and, of course, salt pose a significant risk regarding your windshield. For instance, you probably (well, surely) turn up the heaters when it is cold outside. This is, of course, completely alright, but the temperature difference between outside and inside can be hard on the windshield. If you want to remove ice from your windshield, using boiling water to help you is an extremely bad idea; it would most certainly cause the glass to crack.

Garaging your car during winter is, on the other hand, highly recommended. If you have an opportunity, do it as much as possible in order to lengthen your windshield’s life.

Sometimes, even if you’re very careful, you can notice that cold weather have made your windshield look different. If that happen, having a professional take a look is a good idea, but it is highly likely that your windshield needs to be replaced.

Bottom Line

If you’ve realized it’s time for a new windshield, once again, don’t postpone this task. You should do it as soon as possible.

However, don’t go just to the nearest place to get your windshield installed. Instead, hire a trusted company such as Aero Auto Glass in Phoenix Metro Area to get the best service for a fair price. They can determine if you need a replacement or repair and, whatever the answer, you’ll get just what your auto glass requires. This reputable company offers mobile windshield replacement in the surrounding area too, which can be more than useful in times of trouble.

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