4 Important Tips to Take Care of your Porsche

When it comes to Porsche maintenance, it’s the best if you see a professional, of course, but there are some things you can take care of on your own by following a couple of these easy tips and tricks for your Porsche. Some of these tips are extremely useful when the weather conditions change, but most of them are a solid advice for the whole year. Think of your own safety and the safety of the ones you love and take care of your Porsche on time.

1. Steam

You may need to move the carpets and shift the seat, then check the door panels’ bottom edge. If you have Boxster996, you are more prone to having steamy windows. The steam may be dangerous because Electrical Control unit is located under the left seat and if it comes into contact with the steam, bad things can happen. This must be resolved as soon as possible. However, there is a membrane behind the door for deflecting water. This door can be faulty, and can be noticed by steam at the lower part of the panels of the door. You should also be aware of the shaft flaw on 986 Porsche Boxster, because they used ball bearings, which can produce an expensive and dangerous failure when they stop working. Look up your new Porsche boxster intermediate shaft now, don’t leave anything to chance.

seats of porsche - managing steam

2. Tires

It would be a good idea to look at the inside edges of your tires; you need good tread. You have to be aware of the fact that tires age. The rubber deteriorates as the time passes, the grip becomes less powerful. The most important thing is that your tires are right, because if the weather changes, you need to be prepared and safe.

3. No Breaks for Brakes

The first thing you should check are you discs. A Porsche that has a couple of years behind may have its brake discs corroding. You may miss this easily because the worst damage is made to the back part which you don’t see. If the outer, front part corrodes, your brakes won’t be as efficient as they need to be. You might feel a slight vibration when you use a brake. If that’s the case, your Porsche needs to go through a check.

Another thing – check your brake fluids at least once a year, because this can be the cause of brake corrosion and later on, brake failure. And does your Porsche have ABS? Does it work? If you don’t use ABS for a longer period of time, it may even stop working. The MOT may not discover the error. Visit a quiet part of the city, and when you fide a safe space, apply the brakes hard enough to experience the pedal pulsing, which means that the ABS is working. If the tires lock up, your ABS needs a check.

4. Oil checks

When you have problems with oil in your car, you may be having problems with your wallet too. Luckily, the pricey repairs can be avoided on all Porsche models by checking the status of oil on the stationary by the dipstick or on newer models by the dashboard display.

porsche motor and tire

In case you were wondering how often should you get your car checked: the older it is, the more care do it requires. If you don’t use your Porsche, the odds of possible problems occurring are even bigger. If your Porsche Boxster 986 is in need of a brand new shaft, you will definitely find it at MidEnginePorsche.com. Modern Porsche cars bought less than 3 years ago don’t have to be checked as often. Just to be on the safer side be certain that if you check it once a year and it will suffice.

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