Amazing Advantages of Fleet Cleaning For Trucks

You are proud of your fleet and you should be! After all, when your vehicles travel on roads, they attract the attention of thousands of eyes. Therefore they are also a great form of advertisement for your company. Hence it becomes essential to make others’ impression about your fleet good and an effective way to do that is to keep your vehicles spick and span always. And here a professional fleet cleaning service comes into picture. Rather than relying upon your drivers to clean their trucks, hiring a professional fleet cleaning service is time-saving, efficient, flawless and cost-effective. Let’s see the advantages of fleet cleaning for trucks.

Money Saving

Washing firms fees add up fast. The cost of pressure washing equipment, repairs and maintenance, water, nozzles, soap, wastewater management and staff training even doesn’t help the bottom line. On the other hand when you hire a fleet washing service for trucks, you need not worry about overhead expenses. The fleet washing service can come to wash your vehicles wherever they are.


Enhanced Safety


If you hand over the fleet cleaning job to your employees, who are not trained to do the job, there is a risk of accidents. Untrained hands can cause bodily damage and also dents to the exteriors of the vehicles and may break windows. If it’s winter, your drivers cleaning the trucks may fall prey to frostbite and hypothermia. With professional fleet washing services, you can ensure your drivers’ safety and keep your workers’ compensation costs and liability insurance costs to minimum. Professional fleet washing companies also have proper safety gear and acquire training to keep your trucks clean all through the year, even during the most frigid climate.


Improved Employee Morale


It takes at least 30 minutes for an untrained individual to wash a truck using a pressure washer. It includes:

  • Presoak and rinse the truck
  • Apply soap and allow it to settle, but not dry out. This involves working in smaller sections
  • Rinse the truck thoroughly with water
  • Manage the wastewater to be safe from penalties from environmental agencies
  • Disposing wastewater at the right location

The last thing your drivers would want to utilize their free time is washing a company truck. On the other hand, professional fleet washing company specialists can clean up to eight semi-trucks within an hour. When you provide effective, quick and convenient truck washing solutions to your drivers, it will be reflected in getting increased morale, loyalty and retention rates.

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