5 Useful Tips to Buy the Right Used Automobile Parts

A car has become a necessity in today’s life. Not only for going for work, but also for going on a weekend outing, a car is a proven useful tool. And once you’re used to take your car everywhere, it becomes painful when it’s not working. Therefore car owners usually make sure their car is in good shape by strictly following all the maintenance schedules. However, there are times when you need replacing a part of your car and then you may feel daunted whether to buy a brand new part or go for a used part because it’s way cheaper. Choosing used auto parts is in no way wrong. However, you should follow certain tips so as to get the right thing. Here are a few.

1. Decide Where You’d Buy the Parts

Whenever you buy something, it’s ideal to buy from an honest and reputable seller. Sadly, this is not very easy when it comes to buying used BMW parts or any other car parts. Used car parts can be sold online by almost anyone on a platform like Craigslist or eBay. Some stores also sell used as well as brand-new parts. Another good source for used automobile parts is a wrecking yard or junkyard.


No matter from where you buy these parts, it’s advisable to do an in-depth research. When reliability is concerned, online stores may not be the best places. At such times, sites with real customer reviews prove to be good places to buy used parts.

Car parts stores are still the best places to go when you wish to buy automobile parts. However, their downside is that they usually are more expensive than other sources. But you can do your research about them as well. You may get a friend or colleague who is experienced with a certain store. A great option for you here is to check with the Better Business Bureau.

A wrecking yard is another good option. If you’re fortunate enough, you may get the parts you really desire, before the cars get scrapped. Their benefit is that they are much low-priced.

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2. Be Sure about the Part You Wish to Buy

Always be sure you have the particular model or part number of the car pat you need. If the owner’s manual is still with you, remember to check the part numbers of the parts you need to replace. Otherwise you may buy an expensive component only to discover later that it doesn’t fit the requirements of your car.

Another good approach is to take the car part along with you. Show the part to the seller or representative of the auto parts store, so they can compare. This is perhaps the best way to ensure you get the correct component.

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Still another alternative is to look at your car’s Vehicle Identification Number. If it’s not available, you can even use the chassis number. Perform a detailed online search using this information.

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3. Inquire about the History of the Used Car Part

There are all types of used auto parts sellers out there, including the dishonest ones. Therefore it’s important to learn more about the history of the car part so as to avoid ending up with a part that won’t last long.

Understand that several automobile parts go through ‘rejuvenation’ due to which they look like new. They may seem perfect from outside, but may have hidden defects like cracks inside that are seen later on. If the store is not offering any warranty or refunds on your purchase, you may only waste your money on a worthless product.

Make sure you ask about the age of the car part. The seller needs to know the mileage on the product. Another important factor to ask about is whether that product has already undergone repairs, modifications or rebuild. If you get an answer that seems fishy, you should check the cost. If it’s too low, there’s a high possibility that the product’s history is uncertain.

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4. Understand Return Policies of the Store

Some auto parts stores don’t accept product returns or don’t issue refunds once you buy any item from them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to learn about their return or refund policies before you make any decision.

Also, remember that stores having a return policy, print it very fine. They do this purposefully so that you should not read it. You should read it keenly and note if there are any exceptions or exclusions. For example, they may have a condition to accept returns or pay refunds only within 30 days. Or they may have a hefty restocking fee if you bought a wrong car part by mistake.

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Make sure you get a thorough understanding of their conditions before making any purchase. Also, once again you should remember to check the part number of your part or any other relevant information if you find a used Nissan parts for sale, for example, so as to save yourself from the hassle of struggling for returns or refunds.

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5. Learn to Identify a Fake

Auto parts industry comprises of a big issue of counterfeit products. Thus, even though you have the right part number for the VIN of your vehicle, these parts may not be from the automaker themselves.

In Asia, you may find classes like Original, Class A, Class B and other such “classes” of automobile parts. If an item is OEM, it means that it’s from the manufacturer, whereas Class A refers to a part which is not from the manufacturer, but from a country with trustworthy manufacturing practices.

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It’s important to learn how to identify fake and genuine car parts. Check for misplaced critical components, misprinted words, botched logos and such other signs. The best thing to do is to take a reliable mechanic with you so that he can identify if the said auto part is genuine or fake.

Buying used parts for your vehicle can be a tricky affair, but with the above tips, you can make it easy and become a smart buyer.

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