6 Excellent Tips for Cleaning Your Car and Keeping it Healthy and Safe for You and Your Family

Maintaining a car doesn’t only involve replacing or repairing its inner parts, but also involves keeping your car clean. But cleaning your car doesn’t need to be a hassle. By keeping a few home tools and cleaning products at hand, you can spend just an hour each fortnight in the cleaning work and that will make your car look like new.

Car owners often face certain problems and for getting help and also buying high-quality car parts online, SparesBox is a great source. Plus, here are tips to clean and keep their cars in top shape.

1. How to Take Care of Safety?

To be on the safer side, start from your car’s interior while giving your car a thorough clean. The combination of water and electricity can be deadly while vacuuming and you can avoid it by starting the cleaning job from the inner side.

Also remember to keep the surrounding of your car free from any tools, hoses and power leads which can meddle in your way and trip you up. You should be able to move freely around the car while cleaning it.

start from the interior

2. Washing

A lot of car cleaning products are available in the market but you should avoid those which contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. If you are environment conscious (and you should be so), you can remember the following things:

  • Wash your car over grass. That way you can prevent the amount of the impure run off ending up in the waterways.
  • Fit your hose with a pistol grip nozzle and it will be convenient for you to use and also minimise wastage of water.

Most vehicles need to be cleaned at least once in a fortnight, based on how frequently they are driven and where they are stored.

  • Start by hosing the vehicle down, including the wheel arches where sand, mud and rust gets accumulated
  • Use a proprietary tar and bug remover and eliminate any squashed insects from the paint work and tar
  • Now with the help of a good quality wash and wax combination or car wash detergent and a soft foam sponge, clean the car. Car wash brushes and household detergents can damage the smooth layer of polish that protects the paint; thus, you may have to repolish the car more frequently.
  • When you finish, dry the car using a chamois. It will prevent the unpleasant water and soap stains and also the chamois will clean any small remnants of dirt that may have been skipped.
  • Your car cleaning routine is also a good time to examine the car for any stone chips or scratches, which you need to touch up as quickly as you can to keep away rust.
  • Finish off by using a damp rag to wipe around the door jambs.

Using various tricks to keep your car clean is as important as replacing its old or damaged parts in order to keep it running smoothly. For various car parts such as brakes, engine belts, pulleys and car filters parts, Sparesbox is a place you must visit.

drying the car after washing

3. Make Windows Crystal Clean

Most of your car’s personality depends on how clean and shiny its windows are. Therefore, unless you clean the windows, your car won’t look much nice. However, most car owners find it difficult to clean their car’s windows. But actually it’s not that difficult once you know how to do it.

  • First clean the windows from outside. This way you can see any marks on the insider easily.
  • Spray your household glass cleaner over the window and using a damp chamois, wipe the glass.
  • Now, take a clean dry rag and polish off any remaining moisture quickly. If the glass dries too soon or looks smudgy after you’ve finished, don’t worry. Wet the chamois a little and do the glass again. To remove any squashed bugs from the windscreen, make use of a steel wool pad and glass cleaner.
  • Scratches on the glasses can be prevented using a level of common sense.

4. Polishing

There are a lot of car polishes out there. How to know which of them is good?

A rule of thumb is that the easier you find a polish to apply, the more frequently you’ll have to do it, and also, the pricier polishes usually offer a superior finish.

Polishing of your car should be done once every three months and that’s sufficient to protect your paintwork well. If still your car’s polish is looking flat or dull, consult a professional car detailer prior to trying to polish it yourself.

5. Dog Hair

If you have a doggy, you know that dog hair is the most troublesome things to clean because it gets stuck to jumpers and suits whenever anyone sits in the car but refuses to shift for the vacuum. The best things to be used for cleaning up pet hair are the dimpled rubber gloves that are used by pet groomers. You can get them from your vet and they aren’t very expensive. Just wear the glove in one hand and rub the affected area in a circular fashion, followed closely by the vacuum in the other hand. Another handy tool is a scrubbing brush that can loosen up pet hair in difficult-to-reach areas.

cleaning pet hair

6. Seats and Carpets

Most vacuum cleaners used in homes are also good for cleaning car carpets. For cleaning around consoles and seats, it’s a good idea to use a thin, long crevice tool. Being systematic is the most important thing.

  • Consider dividing the interior of the car into quarters. Now vacuum the seat, carpet down the seat and lastly the rest of the foot space in each section. If you follow this pattern, there are very low chances to miss any dirt.
  • Dashboards receive a lot of dust; but a simple wipe over using a damp chamois is sufficient to keep them clean. You can use a dry 25mm paint brush to dust switches and air vents.
  • If needed, you can scrub the console and dash with a mild detergent solution and an old toothbrush, particularly around crevices and cracks.
  • Later, wipe the dash using a clean rag.
  • If your carpets are filled with sand, first vacuum them as much as you can and then gently tap them with a small hammer so as to bounce the sand up for easier vacuuming.
  • A dry scrubbing brush is also good for scrubbing the carpets to loosen any dried mud and sand. Continue vacuuming until no or very little sand remains. Keep in mind that grains of sand can wear out fabric seats and carpets more than anything else.
  • If your seats are made of fabric and are stained and also your carpets are stained, you should get them cleaned by professionals. If the marks are small, you can remove them with a solution of soap and water and a scrubbing brush.

Similarly, remember to clean wheels, tyres, soft tops, tonneau covers etc. This will not only make your car look good, but also will keep the environment inside your car healthy and safe for you and your family.

washing a car

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