4 Types of Car Floor Mats to Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Car

If you have been thinking that your car floor mats are just for resting your feet, you better change your thinking. You can choose these mats as beautiful and personalized as you want and they will add a great aesthetic appeal to your car.

Floor mats save your car’s interior from grime and dirt. They absorb water from your feet and keep your carpet clean. When you choose the right material for them, they offer a premium appeal to your interior and when you choose the right color, they will brighten up your car. Both these will make driving for you and traveling for other passengers much more fun.

Here are various options for you when it comes to choosing car floor mats.

1. All Weather Vinyl Mats

Made of thick vinyl material, all weather mats are the much more durable than rubber and other material mats. They feature upturned borders that ensure that none of the dust, grime or water exits the mat and needs to be dusted. They come with spikes on their back that prevent them from slipping. You can have them in exciting colors, designs and themes. For example, if you are a football fan, you can get NFL floor mats too.

2. Fabric Floor Mats

Fabric floor mats are easily available and are the least expensive. They have a rubber back to prevent them from slipping and they are available in enchanting designs and colors. They often come in universal sizes which can fit any car easily. You can remove them to dust, clean or wash on an everyday basis. However with time they sag and even slip. They have a short life. While looking for fabric mats, look for quality; otherwise they may become very troublesome.

3. Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are durable and long lasting. It’s highly possible that you get them for free from your car dealer. Rubber mats are slip-proof and so, safe; they won’t impede pedal use. They even retain moisture, with the help of their textured surface. Rubber mats absorb mud and water, but get dirty quickly and are available mostly in black. So, they are less likely to add an aesthetic value. Look for quality ones and specific ones for your car model.

4. Nomad Mats (Curly Mats)

Nomad mat range of 3M is making a fortune for them. These are available in numerous colors and options, and can even custom fit your car. They soak up and trap mud, grime and water easily and offer minimal spillage. They also need less frequent cleaning.

Choose your floor mats from these various options and be a proud owner of a beautifully decorated car.

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