5 Awesome Tips on How to Dress Properly for a Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle is perhaps the sexiest vehicle that transforms its sexiness to the rider. However, unless you are appropriately dressed while riding your bike, you might miss all the coolness the vehicle offers. And it’s not just about looking cool; motorcycle is an equally severe kind of automobile, which exposes you to the sun, harsh winds, and at times rain and snowfall. So, while choosing your riding attire, you should be careful. Bikers’ style experts at 300 Percent Moto share here valuable tips about how to dress up while riding.

1. Cover Yourself

As told earlier, a bike exposes the rider to harsh winds. So, better cover yourself fully to protect from the weather elements. Those who go on a long ride wearing just shorts are soon broiled. It’s like standing before a blow dryer to ride a bike through hot air.

2. Check Fitting

While riding a bike, you can’t wear loose clothes. They should fit your body closely. This allows you to wear extra clothing. Also close fitting clothes reduce air resistance and maintain the high speed you desire. Therefore a t-shirt and a fitting jacket make ideal clothing for riders.

3. Soak Your Clothes

Before you hit the road, you better soak clothes, especially the neck, if you can’t wet the whole thing.

4. Wet Yourself Too

Just as your bike seizes up when it’s low on fluids, you too. Your brain contracts and takes weird decisions. A big get-off will soon follow after that. So, hydrate yourself properly.

5. Refrigerate

Motorbikes don’t have an air conditioning facility yet; but you can create it with a cheap (or free) trick. Just fill your pockets with ice at your next stop for gas. You can get it for free at the soft drink vending machine. Ice is cold in itself. While you proceed on your bike the ice will melt; the water will further evaporate and take heat with it. This works fantastically in synthetic jackets. Another great alternative is to carry the re-freezable soft ice packs; place them close to your skin inside your jacket.

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