Truck Springs – Things You Should Know

Your truck takes you smoothly through all the hurdles on the road – how? With its suspension system! The suspension reduces the blow of bumps and dips in the road, thereby keeping your truck level as well as easy to handle.

What is the Work of Suspension System?

The suspension system has two important tasks to do – improvement in road handling and braking to offer safety and better control, and smoothing your ride. Thus the suspension system works as a mediator between the road and the chassis of your truck.

Suspension system consists of a complex arrangement of springs, steering components and dampeners, which helps your wheels tackle the bumps and changes in terrain smoothly. Of these, springs being the most important components, let’s take a look at them in detail.


Springs are the most important part of the suspension system and are designed to absorb the lateral energy generated by your wheels while moving over holes and bumps. They also retrieve your wheels to their normal state after the lateral travel. Three types of springs are available.

Coil Springs: They are exactly as you imagine upon hearing the word “spring”. Above the wheels – front and rear -, you can see them as slinky-shaped components. For heavier vehicles like full-size SUVs and trucks, a stronger design of springs is required.

Leaf Springs: Some automobiles require more weight than that provided by coils. Leaf springs are designed for this purpose. They have a stack of slender steel “leaves”. Each of these leaves has a curved shape which bends when traveling on an undulated terrain. Heavy trucks, SUVs and rear-wheel-drive vehicles have leaf springs.

Torsion Bars: Coil and leaf springs perform by compressing and bending. On the other hand, torsion bars twist to soak up the lateral energy of your wheels. Torsion bars link the control arm of your vehicle to its frame. The frame end is stationary while the control arm end is mobile. Upward and downward movement while traveling over a bump makes torsion bar twist. The bar fits back into its place, and wheels are returned to their normal position. is the official website of S & D Springs and Wheels Alignment Inc which was established in 1971. The family owned business has received reputation on a national level. They provide an extensive array of truck accessories and services including springs (customization and re-arching), suspension replacement and suspension repair. You will get loads of information on springs on their website. Images in this article are their courtesy.

leaf springs

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