Get Rid of Worries with GPS Vehicle Car Tracker

We know that your car is your life. You can’t even bear a scratch on it. How can you bear its theft? But don’t worry! Now a new device will give you the much desired peace of mind by eliminating the chances of your car parting from you. This is Vehicle GPS Tracker Coban 103 – the most advanced GPS vehicle car tracker!

What is Vehicle GPS Tracker Coban 103?

GPS103 is the latest and most advanced vehicle tracker working on the basis of GSM/GPRS network as well as GPS satellite positioning system, which offers a range of security functions, locating, security alarms, monitoring surveillance and tracking as a whole. Your car can be tracked and supervised with GPSWOX Real Time Tracking System from any device – your computer, cell phone or tablet, with any OS, Android, iOS or Windows.


Outstanding Features

  • GPS103 has passed the quality control in EU
  • Works with GPSWOX, the online tracking system and SMS
  • Extremely easy to install and hide in the car
  • 24/7 view of accurate position, fuel consumption, travel sped and other info
  • Notifications like speeding alarm, SOS alarm, geo-fence alarm, maintenance alarm, theft alarm, and so on
  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitors fuel consumption and prevents fuel theft
  • Protects your car from being stolen by cutting engine remotely when stolen and with a variety of alarms
  • Gives detailed reports of driving time, stopovers, fuel consumption, distance traveled and so on
  • You can access all these features on your any mobile device – phone or tablet



  • GPS 103 vehicle tracking system is very useful if you have business of transportation. You can track any type of vehicle with it. It has the latest technology and enables individuals as well as businesses to monitor their vehicles and their drivers, and get the data. The system saves money and prevents accidents. It also highlights any particular parts that are required to be tightened.
  • Ambulances are using GPS 103 system effectively to keep tabs on their ambulances all the time. As it can find the exact location of the emergency scene, it is extremely useful in saving lives.
  • It is also useful in police cars because it ensures the safety of all the police officers on the force. It also offers the capacity in positioning available units.

So, if you are constantly worried about your car being stolen or misused, get GPS 103 today and get rid of the worries.


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