Important Things to Consider while Buying a RV Backup Camera

Backing up is one of the most challenging tasks while driving an RV, whether it’s about driveway, parking spot or campsite. In that case buying an RV backup camera is a good idea.

A backup camera with a reversing help can make you aware of animals, pedestrians or tight parking spaces behind you. RV backup cameras are quite affordable and you can even buy a used one.

How to Select a RV Backup Camera?

While buying an RV backup camera, you should consider several factors. You can look for one that can be easily installed and fits your vehicle or you can look for extra features like anti-theft features, wireless connection and remote control.

The screen size of the camera is usually a deciding factor. Although you may get carried away initially by a large screen, you should look for a high resolution, otherwise you may end up in getting dots or pauses on the screen while seeing the images.

In short, while buying a RV backup camera, you should look for the features you want and your budget.

RV backup camera

Wireless or Wired

Two main types of RV backup cameras are available – wireless and wired. Both can be powered by the 12 volt DC power on your RV. Choosing between the two should be your first step while buying the camera.


As implied by the name, this camera has no wires. The images are sent from the camera in the back to the monitor in the front by a wireless transmitter and receiver. They are totally different than the wired cameras and only transmit signals from each other. The benefit of this type is it’s easy to install, while drawbacks are that firstly you have to buy it as a kit and secondly there is a risk of interference from sources close by.


This type of RV backup camera has a long wire that connects the camera in the back of the RV to the video monitor on the dashboard. It has pros as well as cons.

The wired camera works as “plug and play” unit and you can purchase the unit in separate parts which is ultimately money-saving. You can purchase the camera, remove wires from your old audio unit and connect them with a new monitor or you can purchase a kit with all things included. Also this type of camera has a more dependable video.

However, the drawback is that it needs professional installation because the wires should run under the RV and secured firmly in place. This costs extra.

There are many other features to consider like video quality, weatherproof, microphone and accessories. Do your research and you can get your hands on the best RV backup camera that will make your camping life easy.

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