Important Facts You Should Know about Auto Windshield Replacement and Glass Chip Repair

As with a car’s other issues, windshield damage, window cracks and glass chips keep happening commonly and you just can’t get your car moving with those damaged glasses, and cracks and chips.

It’s obviously a job of professionals like Charleston SC auto glass repair experts to repair or replace your auto glass; however, there are several things that you should learn too. Here we’ll discuss some of them for you to get an insight.

Types of Auto Glass

Here are types of auto glasses.

Front Windshield (Laminated)

Your car’s windshield is made by fusing two pieces of glass together, with a vinyl liner due to which the windshield remains in one piece in the case of a breakage. The front windshield not only saves you from bugs, but also provides the roof with structural support in the case of a rollover. Moreover it even works as a structure that bounces off if the airbags in the front or on passenger sides inflate during an accident.

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Tempered Glass

This is an auto window glass that smashes to very small pieces if there is a breakage. Tempered glass is installed on side windows so that if the vehicle is submerged, the window can easily be broken and the passenger can get out through it.

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NOTE: Several automakers have begun using laminated window glass for side windows. But if this is going to make it impossible to break the window and come out from submerged car, why do they do this? From a safety point of view, in several events, passengers get ejected from vehicles during accidents than from submerged vehicles. Moreover, thieves too cannot break the window glasses easily.

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To know if your side window doesn’t have tempered glass, look for a stamp on your side window that says Laminated or look down from the top of the window and you can see laminate between two pieces of glass.

Government Standards and Regulations

It’s compulsory for all auto glass fitted into US-based cars to meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. You’ll also see a DOT (Department of Transportation) stamp on your windshield, which shows that the window fulfills the FMVSS205 standards.

When should a Windshield be Replaced instead of Repairing a Window Crack or Auto Glass Chip?

Your local windshield replacement pros will use certain general rules to decide if a windshield should be repaired or to repair a window crack or auto glass:

  • The crack is greater than 6 inches (larger than a dollar bill)
  • If there are more than three cracks or chips
  • The chip is bigger than a quarter
  • When it comes to safety, e.g. cracks or chips are in the line of vision of the driver, since repairs are not completely invisible
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TIP: If there is a chip in the line of vision of the driver, the insurance provider may insist the client to first repair the chip and still if it is bothering, replace the windshield. The client holds the right to replace windshield in such a circumstance and doesn’t necessarily need to repair chip or window crack.

When you’ll call your insurance company for an auto glass claim, they’ll ask you some of the above questions to help decide if they’ll authorize a window crack or auto glass chip repair, or a total windshield replacement.

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Difference between a Pit and Chip

A pit resembles a small ice cream scoop taken out of your front windshield which hasn’t reached the plastic layer between the two glass pieces. A pit is impossible to repair since no method exists for the repair resin to stick to the windshield. It’s considered wear and tear. It is not covered by insurance.

On the other hand, a chip has some featuring that provides space for the resin to stick to.

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Why Should You Repair a Crack or Chip?

By carrying out a window crack or auto glass chip repair:

  • You can keep the original factory window seal and the windshield’s integrity intact
  • You can maintain the OEM glass and don’t need to deal with your insurance provider for getting OEM glass versus aftermarket glass
  • Further cracks are prevented
  • Bill is paid by the insurance company
  • It takes just half an hour
  • Insurance rates are reduced for everyone
  • It ensures that your vehicle will pass a state vehicle inspection
  • The need for a windshield inspection is avoided
  • It’s environment-friendly because it keeps good windshields out of landfills
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Issues Caused by a Bad Crack or Chip Repair

A bad repair may lead to the windshield cracking, the area becoming yellow or shrinkage. Not all resins are made equal and more importantly, the techniques and tools used to apply the resin can make a big difference to the quality of repair.

Also, with a bad repair, a crack or chip can suddenly expand with temperature changes (cranking up the heater or AC) as well as bumpy road conditions.

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Issues Caused by a Bad Windshield Replacement

A big issue can occur if cheaper urethane caulking is used during windshield replacement. Cheap urethanes need a longer drying time and this is usually not told to the client. Depending on your location, urethanes suitable for the temperature there should be used. It’s best to visit someone like Charleston SC auto glass repair experts who are the auto glass repair specialists in Columbia, SC. All their auto glass technicians are AGSC Master Certified and several are certified to do ADAS feature recalibration. Watch this video to look at their excellent work.

What after a Window Crack Repair, Auto Glass Repair or Windshield Replacement?

Glass claims are supposed to be comprehensive claims (no fault assigned) always and you would be bound by your comprehensive deductible. You should check if your state provides an optional $0 glass deductible coverage in the case of an insurance claim for a window crack or glass chip repair or windshield replacement. If it doesn’t, there is often a glass buyback optional coverage that enables you to buy your glass deductible.

Hopefully, you’ve learned many new things about your car’s window glasses and windshield that will be useful to you in case they get broken. Make use of them and take the right decision.

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