Making the Most of Your TomTom Car Navigation System

TomTom NV is a famous Dutch company that manufactures navigation as well as mapping products. Some of their most popular products are TomTom GPS devices that provide you transportable car navigation solutions with which you can drive to your destination easily. You can download maps, watch updates turn-by-turn and hear spoken instructions while you drive across the city or even country. TomTom presents a diverse range of GPS products. You can get the latest TomTom updates on

It is easy to use TomTom devices because though there are diverse types of them, the basic system of usage and inputting information of destination is nearly the same all through the board. Upon taking out of the box, your TomTom device will need to add some additional steps to finish the setup. Here are some tips with which you can get the most of your TomTom.

  • Make sure that your TomTom system is fully charged before you leave home. It requires almost a couple of hours to be fully charged. You can power it by keeping the “On/Off” button pressed for about 2 seconds.
  • Ensure that the area in which your car is is unobstructed. Hold on till your TomTom gets powered up and obtains a satellite signal.
  • Your screen will ask you some questions, which you will have to answer. They only show if you are using the device for the first time. Or else, your present location and the driving view will be seen.
  • Open main menu by tapping the center of the screen. Next, tap on “Navigate To” and next tap “Address”.
  • You will have to select the option that tells how you want to enter the address you are finding the way to. E.g. you may tap “Zip Code”, “City Center”, “Intersection” or “Street and House Number”. For an accurate address, select the option of “Street and House Number”.
  • Next you can type the asked information. As you go on typing, matching street names and areas will show in form of a list. Select the correct option when it shows up. If you are prompted, enter the house number. Upon completion, tap “Done”.
  • You will need to choose “Yes” or “No” to arrive at a specific time. Upon choosing “Yes”, you will be given instructions to enter the arrival time you desire.
  • If you follow the directions – written on the screen as well as spoken – you will reach smoothly to your destination.
  • An important thing to remember is never to enter route info while driving.


MyDrive is an online tool, with which you can manage your TomTom device. If you want to make use of MyDrive, you will have to install MyDrive Connect in your computer. This is an app that enables your TomTom device to connect with the MyDrive website. To update your TomTom device, you can either use TomTom HOME or MyDrive.

TT Home and MyDrive are two different programs to update your software. The updating will depend upon your type of device and the software used on it.

In addition to giving you TomTom updates, also helps you in finding your model and navigation software you are using if you have forgotten them. So, if you want to make full use of your TomTom device, it is advisable to visit

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