Updating Your Car Navigation System – Facts You Should Know

Car navigation systems are improving day by day and have started offering increased number of features for lower price. Compared to portable GPS, factory-installed navigation systems sync better with your car’s operation and controls. They work flawlessly with the entertainment system, answer voice commands and can easily access the contact list of your smartphone.

However, it’s important to keep these maps updated which is very expensive and more elaborate than updating a smartphone or a portable unit. At https://navigatieupdate.com you can have every bit of information about updating car navigation systems.

Unlike your phone’s Google Maps, most built-in navigation systems don’t keep updating themselves over the air with new streets, lanes, roads, interchanges or businesses, or even rules and laws of traffic, such as left-turn restrictions and speed limits. They even don’t provide regular one-click updates as the leading navigation apps do.

Instead, you have to purchase these updates either through your automaker, dealership or on the internet. In addition, you may have to pay an extra price for installation. But for that much amount, you could purchase a very good portable GPS system with lifetime updates of map as well as traffic.

According to a leading navigations-system maker, 18% roads in maps should be updated every year. Unless you update your maps regularly, you may be relying on old maps. If you’re trying to navigate a point of interest, such as a garden or restaurant, you should be ready to improvise.

According to another leading navigation system maker, more than 23,000 points of interest may be added to their database every year. So, having the latest maps in your car is advisable. Especially if you are planning a holiday tour in your car with your family, getting an update is actually essential.

Where to Start?

The website of a navigation system updating service is a good point to start. They have electronic mapmaker which provides links to updates for multiple automotive brands. Some of the updates can be downloaded directly from their website and you can install them yourself, while others need you to enter the model and year of your car and may direct you to the website of your automaker, where you can download the software or schedule an appointment with a local dealer to get your maps updated. The software comes on an SD card or a DVD, depending on the requirements of your car. Getting the installation process done from a professional has an extra charge. Getting the voices of your favorite characters like Homer, Marge and Mr. Burns of The Simpsons fame will also cost extra, but will add colors to your navigation!

Maps are updated every 12 to 18 months for each automaker. Updating at that frequency is difficult for most motorists. However, if you use a built-in navigator routinely and/or depend on it for periodic travel, budgeting for at least one, though not two, map updates during your car ownership is advisable. Many brands even offer discounts on map updates during holidays, which you can take benefit of.

Getting your navigation system updated will make your life easy and make your ride smooth.

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