Electric Cars – Better Alternative for the Future

An electric car can be defined as the one which is powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline motor. It was unsure that exactly when an electric car was invented, but it was somewhere around 1830s by a Scottish, Robert Anderson.

Electric cars have got mixed responses till today. In the beginning of their invention, they became tremendously popular. Their popularity declined too for some time. Now once again, in recent years it is increasing again.

There are some facts about electric cars, which you might find interesting and educative.

Better alternative to gasoline-powered car

It is obvious that as the car works on electric power, it doesn’t cause air pollution, foul smell of gas and loud noise, in which it scores over the conventional car. It is also more dependable because of having fewer parts.

Costlier yet more economical

The price of an electric car is more than that of the conventional car, but you should also take into consideration that it is less costly to maintain. Their batteries will need to be changed every 4-5 years. Actually the production cost of electric cars is less because of having less number of spare parts and so, it has been strongly demanded that their prices should be kept low.

Smaller size

Having less number of spare parts and batteries having less energy density, electric cars will be smaller in size and less weighty. However, they are equally safe, like the conventional cars.

No need to keep an alternate car

Unless you have to frequently travel to far off places, you don’t need to keep an alternate car. If so, you can keep a spare hybrid car which can travel unlimited distances, with the help of an onboard gas-powered engine. Electric cars vary in range. Weight and style of driving too are influencing factors for the range.

Batteries similar to gas tanks

An anxiety about the electric cars is their batteries go dead. But even gas tanks go empty. The batteries can be recharged. Even they won’t require to be charged overnight. Even 20 minutes are enough, when charging stations will be built. Of course, an area of concern is quick charging from the charging station won’t last as long as overnight charging. But with more advances, this problem also will soon be solved.

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