3 Super Easy Tips for Car Bumper Repair Without Damaging Paint

You might be very careful about your beloved car, but let’s face it, you cannot avoid dents to the bumper of your car. Even if you don’t bump your car into a tree or someone’s wall, any external factor for which you are not responsible, like a wrongly hit football or other missile, can give your car the unsightly dent making you gloomy. But cheer up! Here are top 3 car bumper repair methods and you will be amazed especially with the hot water bumper fix. Read (& watch) on.

1. Fix Bumper with Hot Water

For plastic bumpers you might find it tough to push out the dent even if you take the bumper off since plastic is so stiff. But just watch this guy in this video how he is fixing car bumper with hot water. Just after you pour the boiling water on the dent, try to pop the dent and you can easily do it thanks to the hot water because the plastic becomes moldable with the heat and easily gets to its normal shape. You have to work immediately after you pour the hot water. If you cannot fix the bumper with hot water in the first attempt, keep trying until you fix it fully.

2. Fix Bumper with a Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

Another method that includes heat for car bumper repair uses two more household products – hair dryer and compressed air.

Heat the bumper at the site of dent with your hair dryer. Set the temperature to the highest so as to let the plastic of the car expand. Right after it gets hot enough, turn the can of compressed air upside down and start spraying the area of dent. As the cold air will make the plastic to shrink, the dent will pop out.

3. Fix Bumper with Dry Ice

Basically used as a cooling substance, dry ice can also be used to repair small dents from your car bumper. Wear protective gloves and rub a piece of dry ice over and around the dent till you hear the sound of dent popping out.

Repair the dents on your car bumper with these easy tricks without damaging your car’s paint and make it look attractive again.

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