5 Amazing Benefits of Computer Cut Car Window Tinting

As a car owner, you might be aware and convinced about car window tinting owing to its several benefits including increased privacy, protection from harmful UV rays, deterring thieves and a great custom look. But are you familiar with the various installation techniques?

While several window tinting installation services use hand-cutting of the film to install window tint, High Definition Window Tints offers advanced computer-cut window tinting!

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The benefits of computer-cut technique are far more than that of hand-cutting technique and High Definition Window Tinting strive to offer their customers the best experience possible.

Incredible Benefits of Computer-cutting Window Tinting

1. Higher Accuracy

The process of installation of window tint by hand comprises of the installer placing the film on your car windows and later on cutting the film to fit the shape of the windows. On the other hand, when an installer applies the computer-cut technique, a machine known as a plotter cuts the material based on a template that will exactly match the make, model and year of your car by accessing a huge database consisting of film patterns matching the body dimensions and glass of your car model. The patterns are designed using the best practices for the automobile tint industry. After the plotter cuts the material, the installer cuts off the surplus film and installs the tint.

Therefore the use of a computer and plotter ensures that the window film will be an accurate fit every time. A computer-cutting plotter cuts a pattern the same way every time. Thus, the possibility of human error is eliminated which is quite common in the process of making hand-cut patterns. Thus, whether you get your windows tinted today or years later, you can rely on the fit being consistent and exact.

Computer Cut Car Window Tinting

2. Elimination of Risk of Damage to Car

Because the window film is cut by the plotter and computer, your window glass doesn’t have to undergo hand-cutting. During hand-cutting, when a knife is taken to your glass by the installer, there is always a risk of damage. Cutting car window glass patterns by hand without scratching or etching the glass needs years of experience and an extremely delicate touch which are quite rare. Harm to paint, glass or rubber gaskets due to sharp blades are common while using the older method. The computer-cut technique not only ensures a cleaner look, but avoids the risk of damage to your window glass or rubber trim or any other part of your car as well.

3. Eco-friendly

Computer-cut patterns produce less waste due to mis-cuts thus there is a great efficiency. If you are environment conscious, this should be important for you because reducing wasted film material as well as energy lessens the carbon footprint.

Computer Cut Car Window Tinting

4. Great Speed

Computer-cut window tinting can also be done much more quickly. While the computer cuts the window tint, the installer can clean and prepare the windows for installation. Enabling the installer to multi-task reflects in the job being completed faster than the one done with hand-cut technique and you can get quickly in your car with newly tinted windows.

5. Customization

Besides fast speed, great accuracy and less wastage, computer-cut window tinting offers one benefit of customization. The computer allows the technician to layer window tint in a way that is almost artistic to look at. If you want an artistic or abstract design in your tinting, it can be achieved in computer-cut patterns. You can even add logos, numbers, pictures or letters to the tint. Thus, the once impossible or extremely expensive task of customization has become very doable and affordable.

Customization offered by Computer Cut Car Window Tinting

All in all, the computer-cut technology has made window tinting a fun accessory for your car which you should get done by someone like High Definition Window Tints!

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